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We want to implement the state of the art renewable energies technology, to bring affordable energy to remote places in developing countries and industries, with environmentally friendly and clean technologies. Our main services include micro Hydro energy generation in rivers mixed with photovoltaics, energy storage, and mini smart grids. With our services, we aim to provide energy independence to households and small businesses.

Hydro Energy

Micro-Hydro Energy Generation

Micro-hydro energy generation helps you to develop just enough clean energy to provide independence from the grid to households and small businesses. Our technology uses kinetic energy from the river to generate instead of using the potential energy that is used in dams.
Solar Panels

Solar Energy

With solar energy, you can get energy independence from the grid or generate clean energy if you are too far from the grid. Also, you are contributing to a better world with fewer emissions to the atmosphere with our technology.
Battery Racks

Energy Storage

Energy storage is important in any project if you want to save energy to be used later when there is no power generation by the source. For example, during the night when there is no sun to generate on your solar panels or if it is summer and the river has decreased its flow.
Smart Grids 4.0

Mini Smart Grids

Mini smart grids are a form of efficient electricity management that uses computer technology to optimize the production and distribution of electricity, to better balance the supply and demand between producers and consumers.

Who We Are

We are Colombian entrepreneurs with studies in European universities, who want to bring and apply our knowledge in renewable energy technologies in our home country and in general in the developing countries. Our objective is to foster technological and demographic development in remote areas and to everyone that requires energy, with the use of carbon-neutral technologies. We have clear this is the only way to promote economic growth and tackle climate change.

Our Business Model


Stop paying expensive and polluting energy!


Power Generation

We sell the electricity generated from Micro-Hydro Energy generation (Up to 2 kW).



We offer up to 20% savings in the electricity bill.


No Emissions

Stop emitting* 7.040 Kg CO2-eq / Year



Simplicity in its installation. THE CLIENT DOES NOT PAY ANY MONEY UPFRONT!

Direct Sale

Do you have the initial investment and want to own the equipment from day one?
We sell you the whole installation; we offer you training to manage the systems and provide guarantee and maintenance services. So you can produce clean energy around the clock.

Our Star Product

Micro Smart Grids offers a micro-hydro turbine model called PS that is one of the most cost-effective turbines in the market. PS Is a high-efficiency turbine, made of recycled materials. One of the most eco-friendly turbines available on the market.

This technology mixed with state of the art photovoltaics and energy storage will provide a new kind of smart grids capable to provide clean energy when and where it is required.

Long Time Objetive

Research and development of our own innovative green micro grid using low-cost turbines, photovoltaics and storage with local materials.

Our Advantages


Generation Up to 2 kW

Micro Hydro Energy generation (Up to 2kW) and photovoltaics are renewable energies, so far not harnessed properly


Always working

Reliability in energy generation, working practically 24/7. So you do not have to worry about energy supply.


Resilient Installation

The combination of these two technologies provide a resilient installation.



The simplicity in its installation is a great advantage. It is ready to generate in just a few days.


No Contaminating Fuels

Fossil fuel is non existente in this installation, so you are not generating CO2.


Reach to off-grid areas

Remote (off-Grid) areas with few residents are not a priority for Grid connection in developing countries due to high-cost investments with minimal returns.

Highly Qualified Team

Luis Camilo Londono

Camilo Londono


Mechanical Engineer from los Andes University (Bogotá, Colombia) and MSc. In Renewable energies and Management from Freiburg University ( Freiburg, Germany). Experience in the energy and food industries.

My dream is to close the technological and social gap between the developed and the developing countries. Energy is the main asset in the development of countries, and bringing clean energy to remote areas is the first step to generate new economic and demographic growing centers.

Santiago (2)

Santiago Carrillo


A mechanical engineer from Los Andes University (Bogotá, Colombia) and currently doing the master in renewable energy offered by the European Institute of innovation and technology.

With experience in the energy industry, designing modern polygeneration energy systems. Experienced consultant on the assessment and development of power generation projects such as combined heat and power, distributed generation and utility-scale power generation, with an emphasis on solar energy and energy efficiency.

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